Enterprises use RFID location data like this

issuing time :2019-10-24

1, inventory tracking

When it comes to the location and inventory of inventory items, RFID technology will increase retailer efficiency and bring benefits across the supply chain, especially when label costs reach a critical point. With the advancement of RTLS technology, today's RFID systems can be used not only for inventory, but also for accurate item placement. The key to transforming business operations is to gain insight into all aspects of business operations. Advanced RFID solutions can provide this content.

By letting retailers know what they have and when they have them, these systems have changed the way many retailers track inventory. From the perspective of operations and loss prevention, companies have undoubtedly gained a lot of benefits. But retailers can also use this data to boost sales and overall customer experience.

2. Real-time replenishment

Real-time messaging is an implementation. For example, due to the constant updating of inventory in the store, employees in the store can know the out-of-stock information of specific items and replenish them. This can help retailers optimize sales.

3. Membership card or incentive plan

Membership cards or incentive programs are another application direction for RFID technology. Consumer consumption history and real-time item-level data will be used for targeted advertising. By scanning the consumer's RFID-enabled membership card with an RFID reader, the store will be able to distribute more advertisements or discount cards to consumers.

4, digital marketing

By tracking the shopping cart or shopping basket and supplementing the use of Bluetooth beacons, RFID can also be used to accurately monitor movements and behavior within the customer's store. So far, beacon technology is mainly used for in-store digital marketing. However, the RFID RTLS solution can provide more specific location data than the proximity-based beacon solution. These data can display the layout and item information in the store in real time. This also adds usage scenarios to those existing infrastructures.

Today, RFID systems have made great strides, and we have access to real-time item-level visualization, allowing retailers to use this data for inventory tracking, customer service and sales, in-store marketing, and more. In addition, there are many ways to take advantage of the value of this data, let us continue to explore new ways to use RFID location data in practice.

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