RFID Total Solution Provider



+ Hangtags/Labels/Stickers design                   

+ RFID apparel branding solutions
+ RFID-related equipment design and manufacturing
+ RFID Internet
+ Cloud platform for data service and operation

RFID Solutions

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Thinkgo’s RFID solutions allow your business to achieve more detailed and reliable identification and authentication of your products and deliver with the speed and convenience of the world’s most advanced wireless radio technologies. We have a self-developed garment accessories Quick-Response system – FASTREA. It is our cloud based platform that you can use to optimize, scrutinize and track order placements online, giving you access to the data you need across products, suppliers and production locations anytime, anywhere.

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Encoding and Printing



RFID equipments

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  • the engine behind Thinkgo-hz, streamlines ordering, ensures accuracy, and simplifies communication between supply chain owners and their vendor network, making the order process transparent and instantly monitored.

the engine behind Thinkgo-hz

  • Thinkgo-hz prints and ships tickets, RFID and barcode labels faster and better than anyone you ever met before. Thinkgo-hz is the smart technology platform that makes it possible.
  • FASTREA is Thinkgo-hz Technologies’ integrated online platform that provides optimized order placement and tracking. Secure, stable, and scalable, it gives customers complete visibility into PO details and analytics, allowing them to access the data they need immediately, across products, vendors, and production locations. This meaningful, actionable data helps customers manage their ticketing program and supply chain. Simply but FASTREA provides a single, unified system that streamlines the relationships between m
  • Simply but FASTREA provides a single, unified system that streamlines the relationships between manufacturers and vendors to create seamless efficiency.

The Advantages of FASTREA

Thinkgo-hz Technologies helps improve the efficiency of the supply chains. Manufacturers who use FASTREA

1.Reduce management of the ticketing process, allowing time to be spent on other areas of the business


Thinkgo-hz’s solutions allow suppliers and manufacturers to better meet the needs of your customers. Vendors who use FASTREA can

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Advantage 1

Advantage 2

2.Manage an increasingly diverse mix of vendors around the world

3.Save costs and virtually eliminate errors related to ticketing

4.Use real-time data to make better decisions about their ticketing function and logistics

1.Reduce overhead by outsourcing ticketing instead of maintaining the equipment and materials to do it in-house

2.Ship products faster instead of waiting for tickets to arrive

3.Handle complex manufacturer requirements and specifications easily

4.Reduce chargebacks due to timing or quality issues with tags and labels

5.Reduce administrative time and costs, and eliminate errors, using an automated ordering process

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