RFID Asset management solutions

Improve the efficiency of inventory work, and ensure the correspondence of information flow and asset physical logistics

Industry background:

At present, many banks and enterprises are facing these headache problems. Relying on the traditional asset inventory method can not meet the needs of enterprises. How to use RFID technology to carry out asset inventory more efficiently has become an urgent problem for banks or enterprises


PGIOT RFID Asset Management Solution


RFID asset management solution mainly adopts advanced barcode technology or RFID technology to mark enterprise assets, 
and use barcode / frequency information medium to track enterprise assets in the whole process.The marked assets show the most prominent characteristics of bar code technology: convenient, fast and accurate. Use the scanning terminal to scan the barcode on the enterprise assets.

The RFID asset management solution can greatly improve the efficiency of inventory work, and ensure the correspondence between information flow and real asset logistics




Asset purchase approval management

Daily asset management

Asset inventory management

Asset depreciation management

Key asset management

Report statistics


How to introduce barcode into asset management system



一、Print barcode labels for assets

Select waterproof, oil proof and tear resistant pet label paper, and print the asset label of special media with special barcode printer. 
Ensure that the label is kept and clear for a long time.

二、Paste the label with barcode information on the asset

The label with bar code information is directly pasted on the corresponding asset, so that it has "ID card", which is easy to track and manage.

三、Using handheld data terminal with barcode scanning function to manage assets on site

Operators of enterprise asset management are equipped with handheld data terminal with barcode scanning function, 
which can collect data and input information on site. Before that,relevant data in the system will be downloaded to the handheld terminal.

四、 Data upload and synchronization

Upload the data collected on site to the asset management system, and automatically update the data in the system.
At the same time, the updated data in the system is downloaded to the handheld terminal,In order to query and call in the field.


Expected effect of RFID asset management solution


It provides a more reliable basis for enterprise assets evaluation and decision-making

Improve the speed and accuracy of asset management

We will promote asset replacement, restructuring and financing of enterprises, and create favorable conditions for listing.

Improve business efficiency and reduce cost

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