RFID – The Future of Supply Chain Tagging



PGIOT Technologies takes RFID to the next level, making inventory management faster and more accurate, supporting omni-channel initiatives, and more.

Smarter Tagging Solutions


RFID is revolutionizing how items are tracked throughout the supply chain; at the source, distribution center, warehouse, and at consumption.


RFID technology enables superior track and trace capabilities and dramatically shortens the time required for inventory management, while increasing accuracy to near-perfect levels.


PGIOT integrated RFID tags are hardware and software agnostic, providing flexibility to utilize the tags across channels and with multiple channel partners.


Leveraging global teams with subject matter expertise and industry knowledge across verticals, we provide RFID services and solutions to the retail, tire, event management, food tracking, and industrial sectors.


We’re here to help you wherever you are on your RFID journey!

RFID for Retail


The benefits of RFID for retail are proven. Improved inventory accuracy enables retailers to leverage inventory across store locations, enact omni-channel initiatives, improve sales, and increase margins by selling fewer merchandise at markdown.


FineLine Technologies has leveraged our core capabilities into integrated RFID tagging solutions to print and encode RFID tickets in 36 hours on average – just as fast as we print standard retail tickets.


RFID tags and labels are developed to meet customers’ total ticketing requirements: read performance, visual appearance, and application to merchandise.


Product features include: data transformations, global and regional print formats, color variable printing of logo, size bar, or product image, material, adhesive, and construction options.

The PGIOT RFID Advantage


PGIOT Technologies offers fully integrated RFID bead labels, hangtags, labels, stickers, tread labels, mold and tooling tags, and badges. We offer leading edge technology for developing, printing and encoding RFID tags and labels, and the fastest production times in the industry – 36-48 hours on average, with same day and next day prioritization available. We offer several serialization options and flexible tag, label sizes and form factors.

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